The Art of the Follow-Up Call

Many agents struggle when making follow-up calls because they focus on how they’re going to ask for more business rather than the person on the other end of the line. While generating business is, many times, the intention of the follow-up call, asking for more business should not be your only reason for calling! Instead, make your follow-up calls more client-focused, and you may be surprised at how much more casually your conversation flows, and how your clients will respond more favorably.

Of course, there are always those instances where you’re following up on a lead or a referral, and it is appropriate to offer your services. Don’t throw this equation out the window. Just adapt your intent to something like, “I’m calling to see if there were any questions I could answer for you,” and you might find that your recipient opens up more easily.

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While each follow-up is unique (call it the art of conversation), there is a solution that will work in any follow-up situation. This four-step formula will guide your conversation for a more natural, win-win solution to client follow-up calls:

  1. Break the ice.

    This may be the most challenging part of the follow-up call. If you tend to get nervous or a little stiff, try calling when you’re already in a good mood, like after a great client meeting or a closing.

    Let the recipient know who you are and why you’re calling. There is no need to say, “I’m calling to find out if there are any real estate needs I can help you with.” Just mention that you’re calling to follow-up because you haven’t spoken in a while. If you aren’t that close with a client, try something like, “I was making my way through my contact base, and I thought I’d call to say hello.” Simple as that. Casual and unassuming.

    Need more specific ideas? Try these.

  2. Make it personal.

    Don’t forget to focus on the client. Asking how they’re doing is not enough. Make a personal connection by asking about their family, their dog, their job, or even their spring/summer/fall/winter. Have they been on vacation lately? Are their kids getting big/driving yet/graduating soon? Did you assist them in a move a while back? Call to see how they’re enjoying the neighborhood and if they have any restaurant recommendations. You get the point—just make it about them.

    If you’re following up on a referral, let the person on the other line know. Ask about their relationship with the referral, and then explain yours.

    And of course, ask if they’ve read the latest American Lifestyle magazine and what their favorite article was. Jot down a few notes about their response so you’ll have material to reference on your next call.

  3. State your intent.

    After a little casual conversation, let them know that you’re available to assist them, should they need it. Offer to follow up again in another month or two, and that you’ll be adding them to your American Lifestyle magazine mailing list. And of course, let them know how to contact you should they need your services or know someone who does.

  4. Thank them.

    If you take only one thing away from this blog post, it should be this: People live busy lives these days, and there is nothing more necessary in business than saying, “I appreciate your time.”

If you follow the client-centered approach, you’ll be mastering your follow-up calls in no time. Have more advice for keeping in touch with clients? Please share in the comments below.

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