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The inside cover letter is one of the most important parts of American Lifestyle magazine, and there are three situations where it should be customized by the sender. Sefton Eisenhart, a writer here at ReminderMedia, will review when custom composition is most effective.

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Are you always looking for new ways to maximize ROI own American Lifestyle magazine? One of the best ways to do that is through the customizable inside cover letter. I’m gonna review some tips to maximize its effectiveness today.

Hi i’m Sefton Eisenhart, and I’m a content writer here at ReminderMedia, and as a writer I’ve always felt that one of the most underutilized aspects of American lifestyle magazine is the customizable inside cover letter. Not only can you customize every issue, but you can also customize the letter down to the individual. So if you send out 50 magazines, that means each magazine can have a different cover letter.

Now, that said, I know it’s a little unrealistic to think that every two months you’re going to sit down and write 50 letters to 50 different people, but there are three situations where I feel it’s crucial to do just that.

Number one.

The first situation is when you’ve recently added the person to your mailing list. If this is their first time receiving American Lifestyle from you you want to give them some specific frame of reference for why you sent it in the first place.

Number two.

The second situation is if you’ve just completed a transaction with the individual. You want them to know that just because the ink is dry and the deal is done you have not forgotten about them, so you can continue to capture repeat business for years to come.

Number three.

The third situation is if you have them qualified as a hot lead. When you have someone in the end stages of your funnel and you need that extra boost in the 11th hour American lifestyle magazine can act as that extra boost to add a little bit of gravitas to your brand

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys. Those are the three situations where I feel it’s important to write a specific inside cover letter to a specific person. If you liked these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel and remember, your feedback is our most valuable resource so leave your thoughts in the comments below. From there follow us on Instagram and Facebook, but most importantly take action on this today.

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