How to Run a Productive Meeting

Running a weekly sales meeting can go one of two ways—it can either be concise, informative, and inspiring, or it can be regarded as a total waste of time that has to be suffered through. Follow these tips to run the kind of meetings your team wants to attend.

Video Transcription

Hey, so if you’re in charge of running the sales meetings at your organization and you’re anything like me you probably struggle to make sure your meetings are inspirational, but also cause your agents to take action. And today in this video I want to give you guys my four tips to help you run an effective sales meeting.

Number one.

First tip is for every meeting make sure you set an objective and then an agenda. You need to think of your agenda as the steps to help you achieve the objective and send your agenda out beforehand to get your agents excited about coming and learning because that leads me into my second tip.

Number two.

Leave time in your sales meeting to get involvement. Get your agents to contribute. Maybe they bring a marketing piece that they’ve had success with maybe it’s an objection that you can roleplay. Get them involved because the last thing you want to do is preach at them for 30 minutes because they’re not going to want to come back.

Number three.

Third tip is recognize your top performers. Read their numbers, praise them, don’t lose the opportunity to praise them in public.

Number four.

Then the fourth and final tip is don’t feel like you have to fill time for the sake of filling time. We all make this mistake. We have a meeting planned, and we feel like we need it to go on for 30 minutes to an hour so we sit up there and preach, don’t make that mistake. Your agents will respect you more and want to come back if you set the objective and you set an agenda and you stick to it and you get out. So make sure you don’t feel time for the sake of filling time.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys there are my four tips to help you run an effective sales meeting. If you like these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, obviously comment below, and let me know your tips and successes that you’ve had. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly take action on this today!

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