What You Can Learn from Your Salespeople


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When you think of your salespeople, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? More than likely it involves closing deals—that’s why you hired them. But, in reality, your salespeople can help you with so much more than just making money. They’re the frontline to your prospects. Meaning that they can be a source of knowledge that provides you with detailed insight to help you tailor your products and services.

Don’t believe me? Below are four reasons why you should take your salespeople’s advice to heart.

They spend hours forging relationships.

Eight hours on the phone has to count for something, right? It’s no surprise that your salespeople spend the majority of their day on the phone with prospects. And with time, comes knowledge. Not only do they become masters in building business relationships, but also in your customers’ industries. For instance, our sales callers converse with real estate agents on a daily basis, which provides them with a general understanding of the industry and helps us tailor our products and customer service to their needs.

They talk to each other.

Talking on the phone isn’t the only communicating that your salespeople do—they converse with their co-workers throughout the day. Sure, they may be chatting about trivial things, but they have one thing in common—dealing with prospects. Meaning that they’re more prone to vent to each other about their qualms and different types of scenarios that they have encountered. Again, this can be extremely beneficial when it comes to learning all you can about your prospects’ buying behaviors.

They hear countless objections. 

Ah, the best part about sales—objections! From no budget to having to check with their significant other, your salespeople are on the receiving end of a plethora of objections. While objections can be frustrating, they are key to gathering pertinent information regarding your prospects and products. For instance, if your salespeople are all coming up against prospects not being able to see the value in your product, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your pitch.

They know your product better than anyone.

Your salespeople know your products like the back of their hand, and for good reason. If they want to sell it, they have to know it. This can be helpful when you’re thinking about unveiling a new product or making tweaks to your current offerings. Be sure that you keep your salespeople in the loop, and ask for their input when making a big decision. Their knowledge is bound to come in handy.

At the end of the day, your salespeople can be your secret weapon when it comes to learning more about your prospects. But, it’s up to you to utilize them!

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