How to Drive Success During the Holidays

Many business owners think that they should pullback on their marketing and sales tactics over the holidays. But, is this really a good idea?

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Luke provides three different tips of what you should be doing over the holidays to drive success in the new year.

Video Transcription

Alright so the holidays are upon us we got Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, so many of us struggle as business owners with the temptation of pulling back during the holidays. It’s so logical for us to say hey well you know I’m traveling, I’m seeing family, if you’re in real estate maybe you say well people don’t want to move, or sell their home during the holidays, so we end up pulling back on our investment in our business.

Whether it’s in marketing, it’s in our prospecting, and we end up losing. And the point I want to make to you guys in this video is that business is so much like farming. It’s not an instant gratification game just like a farmer has to till the land, has to plant the seeds, water and prune, weed, all that stuff to get the harvest. In business, you have to do the same. The work you do during this holiday season is gonna translate to the deals you closed in the spring or in the new year. So don’t give up and don’t pull back during the holidays. And I want to give you guys three different tips to think about during the holidays.

Number one

The first is during the holidays the average household is gonna have like 12 people around their table. That means there’s 12 opportunities for you to spread not only your influence, but grow your database and ultimately gain more clients. Not only are you gonna have 12 people around the table, guys there’s harvest festivals, there’s Christmas parties that are going on—perfect networking opportunities.

And the tip I want to give you is be prepared and have something to give out at these networking events, at these places where you’re gonna meet a bunch of people. If you’re a client of American lifestyle magazine it’s a perfect opportunity for you to bring your magazine. It’s a non- salesy thing it’s more perceived as a gift that you can give out. Maybe it’s your holiday card that you’re giving out to people, but make sure you take advantage of the natural opportunity for you to connect with more people over the holidays because they’re getting together and not only are they getting together that’s when life events are discussed. Because at that point in time, if someone’s moving that’s when they’re gonna talk about real estate and you wanna be on the topic of conversation.

Number two

Second point I would make is make sure you take advantage of the naturalness of reaching out to people and wishing them happy holidays, telling them how grateful you are and thankful you are for such a great year, and having them as a client. Think about it this way. Take out your phone on Thanksgiving and text everybody in your phone and just thank them for being in your life or go
to your Facebook page or your Instagram and DM everybody—which is direct message—everybody on there and write them just a thank you for being in their life.

It’s so simple, cost you nothing, but your time, but is so powerful because guess what? When the spring market comes ,when the new year comes, and they’re looking to invest their money, maybe they need a financial advisor who are they going to remember? They’re gonna remember the financial advisor that actually texted them personally thanking them. They’re gonna remember the real estate agent that sent them a personal message. It’s a way for you to be top of mind and remember, it’s not that that personal message or that personal text message is going to be the end-all be-all. It’s the watering of the seed to help you get that crop in the spring market.

Number three

And the third point I’m gonna make to you is don’t forget about your warm leads that you had right before the holidays, especially in real estate. A pain point I see all the time for real estate agents as you have people that are maybe looking to buy a home and they want to be in there before Christmas, but you’re struggling to find them maybe the home they want because of the market. And what happens is they get too close to that cutoff deadline and they pull back and they say never mind because we can’t get in there before Christmas. You know we’re not gonna buy right now we’re gonna wait. It is critical that you keep in touch with them over the holidays.

The reason why it’s extra critical is because not only were you not able to get them into a home before the holiday season which is what they originally wanted, but if you don’t keep in touch with them not only will you be the person that didn’t help them achieve the goal, but in the end you didn’t keep in touch with them so chances are they won’t want to go back to that because they will feel they didn’t have success and they’ll choose someone else. Don’t lose those warm leads. Remember and not now it’s not a never. Keep in touch with those people.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys. There are three simple tips. Three simple actionable things that you can do in your business to drive success during the holidays to really help you close more deals in the new year and in the spring. If you liked these, tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly take action on this today.

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A writer with a knack for creating meaningful content and becoming best friends with every dog she meets.