How This Residential Agent Builds Longstanding Relationships

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Julie Goldhammer—a residential real estate agent for West USA Realty in the Phoenix Valley—knows that in her industry in order to gain more business means that you have to look beyond the business itself and establish personal connections with your clients.

How has American Lifestyle magazine helped Goldhammer connect with clients?

Goldhammer believes that the subtleness of the magazine is much more effective than the abruptness of, hey, I want to be your real estate agent.  “It’s about building that friendship and relationship,” and when clients receive the magazine it’s a great segue for a personal conversation about a great recipe or travel. The magazine establishes the groundwork for those relationships before even discussing business.

Why has American Lifestyle magazine worked for Goldhammer?

Goldhammer believes that “with American Lifestyle magazine, it’s very comfortable, it’s how we work, it’s that boutique approach, it’s that me being your friend in your living room sitting there talking to you about your favorite place we just visited, or our favorite recipe.” By the time you discuss business, the conversation will come comfortability.

Golhammer’s personal success from utilizing American Lifestyle came quickly, “I put out my trial magazine, and within a week I had eight different people contact me directly to say thank you. Having clients come to you alleviates the pressure of having to track them down, provides clients with something they can enjoy, and directly connects back to you and your business.

The takeaway

Her success only continued as her friend and mentor contacted her about the magazine saying, “I love this and by the way we need to talk about my house.” Something Goldhammer’s friend had been discussing, but was only ready to move forward because of the magazine. From this alone, Goldhammer was able to secure a $950,000 listing.

In Goldhammer’s opinion, “that’s the response you want,” and the one she continues to receive from American Lifestyle magazine.

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