How Financial Advisors Can Connect with Retirees


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It’s no surprise that financial advisors are eager to work with retirees. When it comes to finding a group of people who have accumulated enough wealth to warrant the services of a financial advisor, retirees are probably the most logical to target. Retirees control a lot of wealth in the United States, and they are eager to make the most of it.

They want their savings to be able to keep them comfortable and thriving while providing them with some money to leave to their families. They want their wealth to carry them through the rest of their lives and make up a part of their legacy.

Below are some different tactics that FAs can use to get in front of more retirees and make sure they are providing meaningful outreach.


Retirement might seem simple, but throw in some jargon like “valuation-based asset allocation” or “annuity guarantees” and it isn’t long before people are confused or even intimidated. Most people don’t take an active approach to their 401(k) plans, so when it comes to more diversified approaches, they’re going to want the assistance of an expert who can explain complicated methods and products simply. You won’t be able to effectively target retirees unless you specialize in the things that matter to them.

Direct mail

Senior citizens are more likely to respond to direct mail than younger generations. You can use direct mail to provide some initial value, like a few educational tips, and include a call to action that will get recipients to respond. Postcards are a great option for direct marketing to seniors that will allow you to reach a ton of people without spending a lot of money.


You might be asking yourself how you can take all of your retirement expertise to the people. Seminars have long been a method of drawing prospects and creating clients. It’s not uncommon to provide a free meal to attendees, but attracting folks that way can become very expensive. Don’t feel like you can’t do a seminar just because you don’t have the budget to rent a floor of a restaurant and buy dinner for 50 people. You can put on a seminar as long as you bring value. Just make sure your presentation is actually designed to educate—not just fill up a sign-in book.

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Consider handing out copies of your own American Lifestyle or Start Healthy magazine after your presentation. It’s the perfect promotional piece to keep you top of mind long after the seminar ends.

When you combine these outreach elements, you are bound to connect with more retirees, and, as a result, win their business. As long as you lead with value, and focus specifically on the issues that matter most to retirees, you’ll stand out from competitors and win more business.

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