How a Real Estate Agent Stays Top of Mind with Her Clients Who’ve Moved

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When it comes to earning repeat and referral business from clients, agents need to be prepared to go the extra mile. For Deb Gorham, REALTOR® (who works with both Samson Properties in Northern Virginia and Domain Realty in Florida), American Lifestyle magazine has been an essential tool in building and maintaining customer relationships.

How does she use American Lifestyle to gain customers?

Gorham orders 10 extra copies of each issue of American Lifestyle magazine, which she then catalogs, in order to have an archive of relevant content she can share with her clients.

She also gives issues of the magazine to prospects at her listing presentations. She recalls one specific presentation with a referred customer, who had such a favorable reaction to the magazine that they immediately connected her with another prospect.

“They said it brought some calm, and peace, and joy to their day,” she says. “And then they called me with a referral of their neighbors, who were selling in the future, as well. So, of course, I sent a copy of the magazine to the neighbor.”

How does Gorham use American Lifestyle to maintain relationships with past customers?

“What I do is maintain an index of all the 10 years of magazines that I’ve had,” she reveals. “When I know a client is going to Portland or their hobby is printmaking, I’ll go back through that index and send them an article about Portland or printmaking.”

Appropriately enough, the first American Lifestyle article Deb Gorham remembers reading was about the importance of staying in front of your clients. She shared it with her past customers as a “thank-you gift,” and has been using the magazine to maintain relationships ever since.

“I target my clients, both buyers and sellers. Those who stay locally, and those who have moved, as well,” she says. “I think it’s a magazine that’s so diverse it can be enjoyed by all clients.”

Why does she stick with ReminderMedia?

“They’re my partners, truly,” says Gorham, a customer of 10 years. “Because they always want to ensure that I’m very happy about the content.”

She says that the content is “probably some of the best that I’ve seen in the industry.” As she approaches her 11thanniversary of becoming a ReminderMedia customer, Deb Gorham has no intentions of discontinuing her business with the company any time soon.

“I’ve never, ever been dissatisfied,” she says. “Which is why I’m with them.”

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