How a Managing Broker Stays in Front of Her Clients

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With thousands of other agents just around the corner, it’s not suprising that real estate agents go above and beyond to stand out from the rest. And, managing broker and owner of Fresh Air Real Estate, Jackie Long is no different. She has set herself apart from the competition by utilizing all that American Lifestyle magazine has to offer.

What is her strategy for gaining clientele?

Long’s company services residential buyers and sellers throughout the front range Denver-metro area. Her business relies on repeat and referral transactions, so in order to make that happen Long has to continuously position herself at the forefront of client’s minds.

How has American Lifestyle magazine benefitted her business?

American Lifestyle magazine has helped Long enhance her brand. Which is really important—especially when these potential clients are being sought out by other real estate agents—and as Long mentions, you really want to strike a chord.

The magazine has such diverse content which she finds really beneficial, “I like the fact that it has, travel, and art, and recipes…it just has a wide variety of what it covers, so I think there’s something to interest everybody.” Long has been using the magazine for a while, and truly believes it has continuously contributed to her success.

Why does she believe that American Lifestyle magazine works?  

It’s easy for people to get turned away by persistence, sometimes people don’t want to be bothered. Long feels that with the magazine, “people don’t feel like I’m hounding them, I’m casually reminding them ‘hey I’m here I’m interested in what’s going on in your life, and I’d love to talk about something else rather than real estate.’” By doing such, she is personalizing her connections with her clients, and creating a bond that transcends real estate.

Jackie Long goes above and beyond to market herself above the rest of her competition and with the help of American Lifestyle magazine, she is able to make a long-lasting impact with every client that she meets.

Written by Daniel Acree

Digital designer with a passion for marketing and design.