Here’s How You Keep Top Producers Around

Unfortunately, losing your top producers to the competition can happen more often than you would like. Use these three tips to help you become the ideal manager and keep your employees happy AND productive.

Video Transcription

Alright so you guys know I’ve been in sales for years and I have tons of sales people working for me and a thing that I’ve struggled with in my career and I have friends that run sales organizations they struggle with the same thing. Is how do you keep your top producers happy so they don’t leave you for your competition? And we’ve probably all heard the saying that you know employees, they don’t leave a company they end up leaving a manager. And in today’s video I want to share with you guys three things to consider to help you keep your top producers happy.

Number one.

The first is compensation structures. This is the number one mistake I see across the board with sales organizations is they struggle to set up a good compensation structures. And something to think about, is you want to make sure that your compensation structure for your sales rep that they actually control. Don’t set up a commission structure where they don’t really control that commission because they’ll get frustrated and they’ll leave your company.

Second is don’t cap their commission. Top producers want to know they have unlimited earning potential.

And then third when it comes to your compensation structure you can reward your top producers with more than just money. Here at ReminderMedia, we do sports tickets, trips, outings, even trophies at the end of the year. You can reward your sales reps with more than just money.

Number two.

The second thing to consider is talk to your sales rep more than just about sales. When you sit down with your sales rep individually, don’t just talk to them about their numbers, the phone calls, the transactions, make sure you’re tapping into who that person is. They have career goals, they have dreams, aspirations, things they want to achieve, make sure you’re tapping in and talking about that and helping them get there.

Number three.

And that really leads me to the third point make sure you’re giving your sales rep more opportunity. If they want to be a manager make sure you’re setting up that opportunity for them to learn how to do that. Maybe it’s a mentor, maybe they just want to share their gifts with a new sales rep. Here at ReminderMedia we even allow our sales reps to be part of special projects. Maybe it’s a new product release, maybe it’s just the direction of the sales floor, but they get to be a part of that.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys. There are three tips to help you keep your top producers happy so they stay with you and they don’t go to your competition.

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