Earn Big Commissions with American Lifestyle magazine

Between prospecting and following up, the average real estate agent juggles a plethora of responsibilities. The industry is a grind, and the majority of agents have one thing on their mind—money. While garnering an impressive commission is high on everyone’s wish list, the tried-and-true efforts that help to turn you into a top-producer should never be overlooked—namely marketing.

Let’s face it: the idea of putting your own money into a marketing strategy that isn’t guaranteed to be effective can be scary. When it comes to any industry, ROI is everything. In fact, the number one question that we receive is, “what type of ROI can I expect from using American Lifestyle magazine?” Fortunately for you, we’ve created a breakdown of the potential real estate commission that you can receive from utilizing the magazine as a relationship marketing tool.

According to our readership survey conducted in 2016 by GfK—one of the largest market research institutes in the world—38% of readers have made a referral because of American Lifestyle magazine. Our commission breakdown takes that referral rate, bases it off of sending the magazine to 50 recipients, and arrives at a surprising figure.

Download this graphic to discover the potential commission of American Lifestyle magazine.

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