Don’t Let Sales Objections Get the Best of You


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From “it’s too expensive” to “I need to talk to my team before I make a decision,” sales objections come in all shapes and sizes. And if you’re part of this cutthroat industry, then you know just how frustrating being on the receiving end of an objection can be. While disheartening, objections aren’t the end of the journey for you. In fact, with a little patience and a lot of motivation, you can still close the deal.

Below are a few different ways to not let sales objections get you down.

Don’t take it personally

Sure, putting countless hours into prospecting a lead only to have them come up with an excuse during the buying process can be upsetting, it’s important to learn not to take it personally. Typically, an objection arises from confusion regarding the value that your product or service can provide. Instead of allowing yourself to get upset, try to look at the situation with an open mind so you’re able to understand where the prospect is coming from.

Review the call

Whether you’re able to record your calls, or have to take diligent notes, reviewing the conversation is a must. Not only will this allow you to gain a better understanding of your prospect’s objection, it can help you determine if your sales process went off course at any point during the call. This will allow you to revise and revisit your closing tactics to ensure that you land the next deal.

Take a deep breath

It might sound silly, but sometimes in sales taking a deep breath is necessary. Once you hang up the phone, you’ll be hit with an onslaught of emotions. Taking a deep breath will help you to clear your head and not let the emotions cloud your judgement. Your mind should be clear in order for you to determine the best course of action to eventually close the deal.

Step away

When all else fails, take a break. While a week-long vacation to the Caribbean would be nice, sometimes a short walk around the parking lot or a coffee run is all that’s needed. Taking time to decompress will help you relax and regain your composure before you head back to the office. Remember—you don’t want one challenging call to throw off the rest of your day! While objections can be frustrating, simply consider objections and overcoming them as a normal part of the sales process because that’s what they are . . . normal.

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