Don’t Knock Old Ideas


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Knowing when to let go is important in life and in business. But sometimes, when you’re stuck in a rut, revisiting old ideas can do the trick to get the ball rolling again. Don’t throw out your list of old ideas that didn’t work out, instead, revisit them and make them brand new. Here are just a few reasons why not letting go can help you in the long run.

It helps with brainstorming.

If you feel like you and your team are fresh out of ideas, try revisiting old ones to get everyone feeling inspired again. You can always add a different twist to them, and see what different angles you can take. This strategy can easily bring about new concepts that no one thought of before.

Focus comes easier.

When there are either too many ideas or not enough, focus tends to get lost in the mayhem. Looking back at ideas that were already discussed or somewhat fleshed out can help you regain some of that focus back and add some much-needed structure to your efforts.

It helps with prioritizing.

Some ideas may be great, but they may be better suited for long-term goals versus short-term. If you need to make quick decisions, revisiting past ideas can help you prioritize which ones work for what needs to get done right away.

They work.

There’s a reason superhero movies get remake after remake: people love seeing a fresh take on something old. Applying this to business can instantly help revamp whatever it is you’re trying to do—whether it be a completely new structure to something, or trying to find a solution to a problem. Try breaching some old ideas with your team to see what the best move is.

Change is inevitable in business, and trying to brainstorm when the lightbulb is burned out can be difficult. Try revisiting old ideas to bring inspiration back to the team, and see these old ideas flourish into something brand new.

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