Does Door Knocking Really Work?

For a REALTOR®, lead generation is the mainstay of the industry. From cold-calling to e-mail campaigns and social media ads, the industry is inundated with lead generation tactics. Yet the old-school door-knocking method is often overlooked. If done correctly, pounding the pavement can be an extremely effective, and, frankly, can open more doors than other methods.

  1. Declare your neighborhood.
    If there’s a trendy section that has a lot of potential, make it your mission to become its go-to agent. Consider doing as much research as you can. Study the demographics and market trends—the average age of residents, income, previous home-selling prices, and average days spent on the market. Learn the local hot spots, such as a quaint coffee shop or bustling pizza restaurant, and name drop during your interactions. Becoming a wealth of knowledge will make you more appealing and heighten the chance of people using you to either buy or sell in their neighborhood.
  2. Use a script.
    There’s a fine line between sounding rehearsed and sounding seasoned. There are various door-knocking scripts that you can take advantage of. But it’s beneficial that you find one script that works best for you and tailor it to your liking. When it comes time to knock, rely on the script to get you started. It should be a foundation, not the whole conversation. Try to hit on the key points, and build momentum. As time goes on, you’ll find yourself continuing to tailor your script mentally and, ultimately not having to rely on it whatsoever.
  3. Leave something memorable behind.
    Although the homeowner is taking the time to listen to your pitch, he or she could easily forget your name and face as soon as the door shuts. It’s vital that that you come prepared with marketing materials to leave with potential clients. Typical items like a business card, flyer, and postcard are useful, but they’re not as memorable as a high-quality, customizable, impression piece. Consider integrating American Lifestyle magazine into your deliverables. Its personally branded cover and timely content will help you stay top of mind and convey a sense of gratitude for them opening the door. The homeowner may even connect with the content and be asked to put on your mailing list.

This spring, don’t dismiss door knocking. Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned vet, it could generate a unique set of leads for you.

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A writer with a knack for creating meaningful content and becoming best friends with every dog she meets.