Capture This: The Benefits of Video Testimonials


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In business, we all strive for content clients. In fact, we put in so much effort to ensure our clients, that we neglect to leverage their contentment once the transaction is complete. However, a happy client is more likely to leave a raving review in the form of a video testimonial than those who had a negative experience.

But, are these short videos really all that they’re cracked up to be? In short, absolutely. Between gaining exposure and humanizing your brand, we took the time to expand on the different ways that video testimonials can increase your business.

They help you gain exposure.  

We all know that social media exposure makes the marketing world go round’. And fortunately, video testimonials act as the perfect content for your active platforms. Sharing video testimonials on your Facebook Business Page or LinkedIn not only increases a prospect’s interest in your business, but also compels them to share the video with their audience, which can greatly expand your exposure.

They help you increase your credibility.

When a prospect is doing product research and comes across your brand, reading a positive review will only take your business so far. While text-based testimonial can be impactful, a video-based one can help to increase your credibility. Seeing and hearing a past client speak about their positive experience with your products and brand will build the trust that’s needed to help them move forward with making a purchase.

They help you humanize your brand.

When a prospect walks into a brick and mortar store, they’re greeted by an employee. But, what about when they land on your website? While there isn’t anybody greeting them per say having a customer video testimonial on your landing page can provide a warm welcome. Not only will prospects be able to connect on an emotional level with the testimonials, it might compel them to move forward with your brand.

At the end of the day, you work hard to ensure that your clients have a satisfactory experience. Why not leverage the power of video testimonials to help you garner more business in the long run?

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