Capture More Referrals in 2018

Referrals are the number way to drive new business, but in the busy world of sales, we tend to ignore the number source of referrals out there—our past clients. Here are 6 tips to fill your pipeline with amazing prospects from your sphere.

Video Transcription

Alight so if you ask any business owner, any sales professionals are they getting enough referrals? They’re gonna say no, and if you ask them do they want more? They’re gonna say definitely yes, and so guys if you’re in business today you need to be setting a
goal for yourself of how many referrals you’re gonna capture this year. If you don’t set it go and commit to it it’s not gonna happen. In today’s video I want to give you my best tips to help you capture more referrals this next year.

Number one.

First tip is you have to ask. I know you’re looking at me going of course but the truth is guys what I’m saying here is so many business professionals fail to put in their calendar when they’re gonna ask for the referral. You need to look at your sales process when are you gonna follow up with your past clients? When are you gonna follow up with your prospects and ask them for referrals?

Number two.

Second tip: it’s better to give than receive. Guys at the end of the day think of opportunities where you can give a referral to somebody. If you’re a real estate agent maybe it’s your mortgage professional. Give referrals to your clients, your partner’s, your vendors, because that’s going to trigger the reciprocity effect where they’re gonna want to give back to you in the form of a referral.

Number three.

Third tip: take a list of all of your vendors, all of the supply chain people you have, everybody that helps service your company, write them down. Treat them as partners, not just as vendors. Reach out to them let them know what you do and who you service in detail and let them know who you’re looking for in a referral. Chances are they know of your business and they know they help you but they’re not aware of who you’re exactly looking for.

Number four.

Fourth tip for you is keep these people on your list in constant contact with you drip on them with some item of value some content. Maybe it’s that leadership maybe it’s stuff about your community because once you are in constant contact with them you can use that item of value as an opportunity to ask for a referral.

Number five.

Fifth tip guys is create a VIP program for everyone who gives you a referral.  You want to incentivize them by giving them maybe a restaurant gift card, maybe you take them out to dinner, but create a VIP program for all of your people who give you referrals so you can encourage that behavior time and time again.

Number six.

The sixth and final tip is the most important is focus on remarkable service creating a WOW experience for your clients. None of the tips I gave you above matter if you fail at number six. You have to focus on creating remarkable service and a WOW experience for your clients because that would be combined with number one the most important. When you ask that WOW experience is gonna then reciprocate and then giving you a referral.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys there are my six best tips to blow up your referral business. If you liked these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, comment below let me know clever ways that you’re asking for a referral so I can share it with our audience. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly, take action on this today!

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A writer with a knack for creating meaningful content and becoming best friends with every dog she meets.