Get More Referrals From Friends and Family

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Your friends and family should be one of your biggest sources of repeat and referral business, but only if they know what you do.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, inside sales manager Mike Campanile outlines three tips for using your personal relationships to garner more leads for your business.

Video Transcription

With the holiday season here, it is the perfect time to connect with your family and friends. And to let them know exactly what you do for a living. Today, I have three tips to help you do just that.

Hey guys! Mike Campanile here. I’m the inside sales manager with ReminderMedia.

And on this episode of Above the Noise today, I’m going to give you three tips to make sure that everyone in your sphere—your family, your friends—know what you do for a living, and more importantly, bring you business.

Number One

My first tip: know what’s going on in your clients, your family, your friend’s life. Who’s getting married? Are kids moving off to college? Who’s having a baby? And why are those things important? Well, if the kids are graduating college and the parents want to retire soon, maybe they want to downsize in their home. If a baby is on the way, maybe there’s not enough room in the home and they need to upsize. But my most important thing to know is to stay in the know.

Number Two

And this brings me to tip number two. Does your family know what you do for a living? Because they have family and friends that are looking to buy or sell real estate, and, statistically, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, everyone knows five people a year, looking to buy or sell. Imagine if you could stay in front of your top 50 relationships—that is 250 opportunities to help you generate more business through referrals and repeat business.

Number Three

So, for my third and final tip: make sure you leave your family with something of value. Holiday cards and post cards and newsletters, those things are great, especially for your B and your C lists. But for your family, you need to stand out. You want to leave them something behind that they’re going to remember you by. And, with our American Lifestyle magazine being one of the tools that we use, we are tracking a 4–6-week shelf life. It’s going to keep you top of mind way past the holidays.

The Takeaway

So, there you have it guys, those are my 3 tips to make sure that your family knows exactly what you do for a living. And therefore, will bring you more referrals and repeat business.

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