The Big 3 Rules of Open House Etiquette for Agents and Buyers

In real estate, a large portion of your time will be spent showing homes to your buyers. Although the majority of these properties aren’t your own listings, it’s important to still hold them in high regard. In fact, home showings can not only land your buyers a new place to call their own, but also build your reputation.

Makes sure your open house etiquette is up to speed. Below are three BIG rules that should be followed at all cost while in a seller’s home.

1. Don’t disregard the showing instructions

From resetting the alarm to wiping your feet on the doormat—an instruction list can seem overwhelming. But would you want somebody to come into your home and ignore the rules? Be sure to thoroughly look over the list as soon as you enter. This reduces the chance of something slipping your mind once you proceed with the showing, and ultimately end up distracted by your buyer’s questions.

2. Don’t touching items that don’t belong to you

Look but don’t touch! An open house etiquette rule that is seemingly simple but often overlooked. Although it can be tempting to run your hand across a beautiful piece of art or to turn on the massive flat screen television—it’s not worth it. It’s best to for you and your buyers to keep in mind that someone else owns the property and pays the mortgage. If something were to break during the viewing, you could (make that will) be held responsible for the damages.

3. Don’t assume no one is watching

Thanks to advances in technology and home monitoring systems, practically anything and everything can be captured on camera. What does this mean for you? Not only does your behavior need to be in check, but so do your conversations. It’s best to save confidential discussions regarding opinions on the property and price qualms for the car. Even if you can’t spot a camera with your blind eye, don’t assume that one isn’t there—the sellers could easily be watching.

Although routine, home showings offer both you and your buyers great opportunities. Exemplifying proper open home etiquette will help your buyers understand that it’s important to be mindful of the seller’s rules.


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