Print on Demand Postcards from ReminderMedia are perfect for keeping your pipeline full.

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These customizable, content-rich postcards are printed and shipped for you. You can either provide your own list, or buy a list from us based on things like geography, recipient interests, and many other demographics. This is an incredibly powerful way to target your messaging to the exact people you want to work with.

According to The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

when you send 12 direct mail pieces to your farm over 12 months, you should receive 1 transaction for every 50 recipients.*

  • Direct mail gets a response rate 5 to 9 times higher than email, social media, or paid search. **
  • 76 percent of consumers trust direct mail when making a purchasing decision. They also trust it more than digital channels. ***.
  • Direct mail is 21 percent easier for the brain to process than digital media, and garners higher recall. ****

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*The Millionaire Real Estate Agent **ANA/DNA Response Rate Report 2018 ***MarketingSherpa 2017 ****“A Bias for Action,” Canada Post, 2015

Whether you want to showcase listings, or just want to stay top of mind, we have a card that your recipients will appreciate.
If you don’t market to your farm, another agent will. Build mindshare with varied, but consistent marketing.

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