Ep. 3: The Art of Cold Calling

When it comes to a high-dollar item or service, the power of personal interaction is crucial to moving prospects through the funnel and turning them into clients. That is where the power of the phone comes in, because any salesperson that can master cold calling can create their own success in nearly any industry.

In this episode of StayPaid, we break down the six steps that any person should follow if they are looking to build out a cold calling process.

  1. The Script
    You have to write a specific script, and every salesperson has to memorize it. There is always a temptation to ad lib, but unless you know the script like the back of your hand, you will never be able to insert your personal flare effectively. Be as specific as you can, because a specialist will always beat a generalist.
  2. Smile and Dial
    Prospects can literally hear your smile through the phone. A grin will create a discernable change in the tone of your voice. If you aren’t enthusiastic about what you’re selling, you’ll never be able to convince someone to buy it.
  3. One-Call Close
    This is the special sauce of ReminderMedia. There isn’t anything aggressive about a one call close, and the majority of clients will not be won on a one-call close. It is a mentality, not a reality. But we encourage every one of our sales people to create urgency that results in action.
  4. Response time
    Every minute that you let pass between receiving an inbound lead picking up the phone is lowering your chances of getting them on the line and making the close.
  5. Follow Up
    You have to call at least six times, just in an attempt to actually talk to the prospect.
  6. Holistic Approach
    The phone is your most powerful tool, but there many others that a salesperson needs to take advantage of. Email is a no brainer, and always makes for a great way to get in front of a prospect with a value proposition if you can’t get them on the phone.

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