The Telltale Signs of a Winner

The Surprising Simplicity of Success

While success doesn’t come easy to anyone, there are only two characteristics that distinguish those who achieve their goals from those who don’t.

In every industry, the difference between top producers and mediocre producers is that top producers take action.

If you’ve previously listened to Stay Paid, you’ll likely recognize this pronouncement as the closing line of every episode. It’s meant to encourage listeners to take the advice they hear from our highly successful guests and put it into practice. But no matter how often we say it, there are still those who listen every week but don’t act on what they hear.

Typically, these are the same people who blame external factors for their lack of achievements and why they aren’t further ahead in their careers, their businesses aren’t expanding, and their bank balances aren’t growing.

While the world certainly isn’t a level playing field and life throws curveballs, dwelling on unfairness feeds a victim mentality and encourages the idea that we can’t do anything to change things. But that’s a lie people use as a crutch. There are too many stories of those who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles for it to be true that we’re powerless to improve our circumstances.

So what separates the top 1%—the winners, the high achievers, the ones leaving everyone else in the dust—from the 99% bemoaning their lack of success? The answer is surprisingly simple.

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