Ep. 4: Four Things Salespeople Should Do Daily

When it comes to sales, consistency is key. If you can ritualize certain tasks, you can get more done without creating stress. Commission is a rollercoaster, and you want create as much assurance as possible.

In many cases, salespeople are fall victim to paralysis by analysis. They spend too much time thinking about what they should be doing everyday instead of just doing it.  Anyone in sales needs to spend less time questioning the validity of a plan, and more time acting on it.

If a salesperson completes these four tasks every day, then they are guaranteed to become a top producer. The trick is executing with unwavering consistency.

  1. Prospecting – The cold calling, the door knocking, the email blasts. You need to be prospecting at least 1-2 hours every day. Reach out to new leads and touch base with your sphere. The prospecting you do today is going to be your commission check two months later.
  2. Social Media – Most of us are on social media every day, but we might not be leveraging it for our business. Instead of logging onto social media to kill time, we need to use it to grow and engage without sphere. The persona you put forth on social media will be the persona prospects buy into when they become clients, so it’s important that you represent yourself truthfully. Here’s a link on how to export your LinkedIn Connections into your CRM. This will give you the email lists of all your connections.
  3. Service – Take care of your clients, update your clients. What deals do you have on the table, what stages are your current clients in, when was the last time you spoke to your clients? The first rule of business is doing what you say you’re going to do. Updating your clients is so important, even if you might not have the answer, because they’ll want to know that you are looking for the answer.
  4. Body, Mind, Soul – Feed your body, go to the gym, get your physicality to a point where you can execute. Feed your mind. Reflect every day and think about what you learned and how it added to your value. Feed your spirit, the materials and rewards will be meaningless if your spirit is undernourished. Get in touch with something bigger than the day to day hustle, and allow your grind to be an investment into those bigger goals. Rejection is going to be a constant, and to counter the discouragement.

If you do these things every day, there is no way you won’t make it.

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