Reframing Fear: An Ethical Sales Strategy for Advisors

Turning Client Anxiety into a Powerful Financial Ally

Close at every first meeting! Discover ethical and unfailing tactics that guide prospects toward protecting themselves against the unimaginable.

This week on Stay Paid, we delve into the world of attracting new clients and closing deals in the first meeting with advisor extraordinaire Erin Botsford.

You might know her name—Erin’s been recognized by Barron’s Top 100 in every category and is the author of the insightful Seven Figure Firm: How to Build a Financial Services Business That Grows Itself as well as the CEO of the Advisor Authority. But titles aside, her passion lies in protecting people from life’s unfortunate and sometimes tragic realities.

A personal disaster in her youth—a life-altering accident and her near-imprisonment due to her family’s lack of financial resources—ignited a fire in Erin. She vowed to help others avoid similar hardships. Early in her career, a seemingly natural talent for closing deals at the first meeting left her, as she puts it, “unconsciously competent.” With experience came understanding. Erin discovered the key to her success: posing questions that forced prospects to confront the potentially devastating consequences of inaction.

However, fearmongering isn’t Erin’s style. Instead, she focuses on highlighting real-world threats that can and do shatter lives. Her “secret sauce” lies in how she expertly and transparently guides clients toward taking the necessary steps to protect themselves, their families, and their property. When you listen to her interview, you’ll hear her unique tactics and how you can implement them in your own practice.

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