Ep. 7: How to Build the Perfect Landing Page (Part 2)

On the last episode of Stay Paid, we gave listeners a general overview of landing pages, and by the end of the episode we realized there was still much more to discuss. We’re going to talk about the main type of landing pages, how to create pages that convert visitors, and different tools and services you can use to start building landing pages today.

The kind of pages you build will depend entirely on your marketing objectives. The most common type of page is called a lead capture page or a squeeze page. You bring a prospect onto your radar by offering some kind of value (e-book, white paper, etc.) in exchange for their contact information. This allows you to reach out directly or nurture them with more original content. In their simplest form, landing pages are all about generating qualified leads by offering something of value in exchange for contact information.

Once you start building landing pages, make sure you A/B test everything. Small differences in copy, layout, and imagery can have a big impact on conversions. To find free stock images that you can use, Google search creative common 0 or CC0 stock photos and check the usage rights, or use a few of the sites below. Always make sure that your imagery speaks to your demographic.

Once you have some actives pages, you need to track everything. You want to dig into total unique visitors, your cost per visitor, and all the other expenses that come along with being online. From there, reverse engineer your revenue goals to see how landing pages impact your business and how you can scale them profitably.

An example in real estate would be as follows:

You goal is $500,000 in revenue before expenses

Your average home sale is 300,000

You GCI on that transaction is 9,000

So, you need 56 transactions per year or 4.6 transactions per month to reach you goal of $500,000.

If you get a listing appointment, 80% of those appointments will become clients.

To get listing appointments you need leads from your website.

So you need to get 875 visitors to your site a month

175 of those visitors will become leads

8.5 will become listing appointments

7 will list with you

4.6 will sell

So, all you need to do is figure out how to get 875 leads with the help of landing pages. No biggie right? Use the calculator below to figure out your own custom formula for success.

If you are like any of our clients, you’re probably too busy to build landing pages. Some great sites that we recommend are:

Leadpages.net – Allows you to sort the best landing pages in certain markets and download the templates.

Behave.org – This allows you to guess which design and copy approaches are more effective. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills.

Unbounce.com – This website provides a solid overview for measuring landing page performance on Google analytics, but the interface screenshots are a bit outdated.

Pexels.com – Free stock photos

Stocksnap.io – Free stock photos

Unsplash.com – Free stock photos


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