Ep. 498: From Setback to Success—Our Vital Need for a Trusted Ally

Find a Mentor and Invest in Yourself

Whether it’s a mentor, coach, therapist, parent, friend, or someone you admire, we all need someone who’s in our corner. Encouragement from a trusted source can help you dream big and give you the support you need to not give up when things get tough.

Allie Saleh is a financial consultant, sales expert, speaker, podcaster, and cofounder of the Invested American, an insurance brokerage steeped in cherishing and ensuring the well-being of the people who work with him and the families it serves. This week on Stay Paid, Allie shares how he left his previous position as vice president and partner of a $10M firm to start over and the central role his mentors have played in his success.

Listening to Allie, you can’t miss hearing the deep commitment he has to caring for people—it’s the driving force behind his company, the bedrock of his family ties, and what attracts agents to join him in his mission. That commitment stems from having people in his life who guided him on his path and were there to support him along the way. And it’s by following their example that he’s become the successful coach he is today.

We ask Allie about his dedication to self-improvement and how he manages to keep his team accountable. We also ask him to share his advice with entrepreneurs who are struggling. Regardless of your industry, if you’re building your own business, what he says will ground you and point you toward success.

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