Ep. 492: The Bucket Plan – How to Captivate Clients and Eradicate Confusion

Use This Strategy to Eliminate Confusion and Convert Clients

It’s difficult for prospects to appreciate the value of services they cannot see or touch, which is why financial advisors and similar professionals must simplify their message and use tactics that make apparent what isn’t.

This week on Stay Paid, we’re talking with Jason Smith and Dave Alison of Clarity 2 Prosperity, a company that offers training and coaching resources to CFPs and financial advisors. Together, they explain the strategies and techniques they teach other financial professionals to turn financial planning—an intangible good—into a process that prospects can experience and understand.

Package your process

The challenge faced by professionals who sell financial services, insurance, consulting services, public relations, intellectual property, and other goods that don’t have a physical presence is that their prospects don’t necessarily understand what their selling and its value.

In these and other industries where money is exchanged for something intangible, prospects are often confused and hesitant to move forward with a transaction. It can be difficult for them to appreciate the worth, meaning, consequences, and benefits of what they cannot see or touch. The solution is to package your process into something your prospects can experience.

At Clarity 2 Prosperity, Jason and Dave have taken the process of holistic financial planning described in Jason’s book, The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement, and packaged it into a repeatable, scalable, and trainable approach that financial advisors can use to grow their businesses. As they share the details of this approach, you’ll understand how its basic tenets can be applied to any industry.

The first of these is to simplify your process to eliminate its complexity by distilling it down to its essential steps. As Jason notes in his interview, “A confused mind can’t make a decision.” The second it to present the benefits of your process into an easy-to-understand visual representation your clients can literally see.

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