Ep. 479: How to Attract and Build a Tribe

To Build a Tribe, Lean into Who You Are

The best strategy for building a community of loyal social media followers is to be authentic. Be yourself, and you’ll gain a group of followers, even if only a modest one, who like you and are like you, which is more than sufficient for growing your business.

You’ve heard the expression “There’s someone for everyone.” It’s meant to encourage us to keep looking for that special someone with whom we can build a lasting relationship—and that’s the key when it comes to building an engaged and loyal following on social media.

In this week’s Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid, we discuss three things required of a leader who wants to build a tribe—raving fans who want to see you succeed and will attract others to join. You’ll have to listen to the episode to get all the details, but here are some highlights of our conversation.

1. Promote shared interests and values

A loyal tribe, much like a strong, lasting relationship between two people, is held together by shared values and interests. When building yours, it’s important that you make clear what’s important to you because doing so will draw in people who are like you. In today’s environment, it’s better to be authentic and truthful about what you stand for and attract a smaller group of committed followers than it is to hide the real you in the hopes of appealing to everyone while offending no one.

2. Display courage

In addition to promoting shared values and interests, developing a tribe requires a leader who is remarkable—someone who is willing to buck the norm and isn’t afraid of being criticized. Standing out and standing apart, preferably to the point of instigating strong reactions in people, is the most effective way to create an impact in a saturated medium like social media.

3. Offer value

Building a tribe is only the first step. You also have to keep them coming back.

People may join your tribe because they recognize a kindred soul or are attracted by your personality, but they stay because they believe they are going to get something of value from being a member. Ideally, the value you deliver must be something they can’t easily find elsewhere.

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