Ep. 472: Spend $0 on Marketing and See MASSIVE Results (with Janet Brinck)

The Secret Sauce To Building Your Real Estate Business

Commit to posting video content consistently on your social media page.

We are delighted to welcome Janet Brinck to Stay Paid. With an impressive career spanning 23 years in the real estate industry, Janet is the cofounder of Dwellus Real Estate, where she currently serves as the director of strategy and growth, and more recently founded Real, a national coaching and training program for agents. Besides achieving an impressive ranking in the top 1% of all Realtors® in North America and #5 in Virginia for large teams, she has also been consistently recognized in the Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends Reports for sales volume.

All that to say, Janet knows what she’s talking about. In her interview, she shares numerous strategies for succeeding in today’s ever-changing market, including how to generate conversations to expand your business, leverage effectively, elevate your credibility through your social media content, and how to overcome adversity when the going gets tough.

Generate conversations

One of the fastest ways to build your business is to engage in meaningful conversations with your target audience by posting consistently on social media, specifically through videos. Doing so gives you a platform to share your insights and expertise and organically gets your sphere and followers talking about your brand. This helps to elevate your posts so more people see them, in turn attracting more followers.

Find ways to leverage

According to Janet, it’s a beautiful thing when you can leverage your business to execute strategies and build and convert clients. For instance, transaction coordinators (TC) are a brilliant way to manage your business. Janet believes that even new agents should hire a TC so they can free up time to do money-making activities. They can also learn the ropes from the TC, who will show them what to do.

Engage authentically

Janet says, “When you’re speaking to everyone, you’re really speaking to no one. It’s important to find your people that see you as a whole person, not just as a real estate agent.” In her experience, “living out loud” has provided her countless opportunities to be open and vulnerable and connect with people on a more authentic level.

Document, don’t create

When posting on social media, don’t try to create a perfect presence. Instead, document your life in its most raw, genuine moments by sharing photos and videos of your everyday activities, work, hobbies, and relationships. This will give people a glimpse into who you are and help you connect with them on a deeper level. By doing so, you will build likeability and credibility, leading to increased engagement, stronger brand awareness, and increased sales.

Overcome adversity

Janet acknowledges that no business is immune to adversity; everyone experiences failure in their lives. In her interview, she offers some tips for overcoming tough times. The first step is to admit your failure, take power over it, and then learn from it. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to pull back the curtain to share the mess behind your accomplishments. When you share, people get to know all of you.

Get more excellent insight from Janet at the Faithful Agent, a conference she will be hosting this October. (Luke will be there too!) Contact Janet at janet@dwellus.com for more information.

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