Ep. 469: 4 Signs It’s Time to Let an Employee Go

When to Fire an Employee

We’re sharing pointers that can help you identify the critical reasons for letting an employee go, plus when you should help a struggling individual get up to par.

Nobody relishes firing an employee. Doing so is often an unpleasant experience for everyone involved and can affect your team’s morale and productivity. But there are times when it must be done—especially if not doing so is likely to negatively impact other employees’ performance and behavior or even your bottom line.

In this Silver Dollar episode, we reveal four critical reasons for letting an employee go and share pointers that can help you identify when you can and should work to help a struggling individual get up to par and when it’s best to let them go.

The first factor to consider for firing an employee is performance. Employees should meet important KPIs so they can contribute as valuable members of your team. If an individual fails to meet these expectations, it may be possible to bring them up to speed, but not always. It could turn out that you need to replace them with someone who’s more suitable.

Other reasons you might consider firing an individual is because they don’t support your company’s mission or their values don’t align with those of your organization. It’s also important for your team members to have integrity and make positive contributions to your company culture.

Finally, if an employee unfavorably impacts other team members, you might want to show them the door—you don’t want their behavior to lead to bigger problems, such as a toxic work environment or a drop in your company’s bottom line.

It’s never fun to fire an employee, but when they undermine your organization’s vision and goals, it might be time to cut the cord, move on, and find someone who’s a better fit.

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