Ep. 464: The Secret Language to Gaining a Buyer’s Trust (with Jaynie Wagner Carlucci)

Are You Doing Enough to Meet Your Clients’ Needs?

Discover how to identify what drives your clients and foster connections, establish trust, and meet their needs in a genuine way.

Jaynie Carlucci, this week’s Stay Paid guest, is so in tune with what drives her clients and their decision-making styles that she became a top producer in the New Jersey real estate market and did more than $30 million in sales in 2022 alone.

In this episode, Jaynie discusses the importance of building genuine connections and how her business background and training in neuro-associative programming help her tap into her clients’ deepest needs and wants.

What is neuro-associative programming?

With more than two decades of experience as a business consultant working primarily with executive clients, Jaynie was primed for a second career in the luxury real estate market, but her training in neuro-associative programming (NAP) gave her an even bigger leg up.

If you’re a Tony Robbins fan, you may already be familiar with neuro-associative programming (also known as neuro-associative conditioning). It’s a tool he often champions as a way to retrain your brain, create new pathways for learning, and break bad habits, and it was through his training program that Jaynie learned the ins and outs of this method. But what exactly is it, and how can you apply its core principles to rapport building?

NAP is modeled after neuro-linguistic programming techniques, which look at how thoughts influence behaviors with the primary goal of changing a person’s mindset. According to NAP, every person is driven by one or a combination of six basic needs:

  • Love and connection
  • Variety
  • Stability
  • Contribution
  • Significance
  • Growth

To figure out which of these your clients are most driven by, you need to pay attention to clues in their questions and communication patterns.

Even just a base knowledge of NAP can help you assess which of these needs are most prevalent for your clients, allowing you to meet them. Jaynie gives the example of a client who is driven by love and connection. In that situation, she would want to provide them with opportunities to connect with community members and showcase the friendly nature of the neighborhood. For a client who is more concerned with significance, she would play up the status of the neighborhood.

But, as Jaynie points out in her interview, the goal of all this goes beyond the sale. Understanding a client’s drivers and the core of their personality can help you help them make better decisions. And if your client is satisfied with their decisions, they’ll be satisfied with you. Bring on the referrals!

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