Ep. 462: Maximize Your Profits Overcoming Objections (with Alex Bracke)

Wake Up. Kick @ss. Repeat.

There’s no magic trick to handling objections—simply document them, learn them, and find ways to overcome them in advance.

In this episode of Stay Paid, we are excited to have Alex Bracke, coach, speaker, and multimillion-dollar producer. He’s also the broker/owner of the Valor Group of Pearson Smith Realty in northern Virginia, which recently received the 2023 Team of the Year award by Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®.

Having served as a law enforcement officer for 10 years, Alex was able to develop immense expertise in negotiating, objection handling, and establishing rapport and leveraging relationships with all kinds of people. These skills have been instrumental in helping him attain the success he now enjoys. He shares with us the strategies he uses to turn a “no” into a “yes” and maximize his revenue.

Build a framework for handling objections

The biggest objection you will hear from a prospect is “I want to do business with you BUT…”

Overcoming objections can be intimidating, particularly if you don’t know how to respond. Alex’s technique is to take a scientific approach by documenting all the objections you come across since most of them are likely to be the same, he suggests that you prepare rehearsed answers and disregard the ones that fail to work. His words of wisdom are awesome; “When mastering the things that scare you the most, the rest will be gravy.”

Chase the relationship, not the sale

Alex recommends forming relationships with the people you wish to work and align with. For instance, law enforcement members tend to rely on each other due to a lack of trust in outsiders. When he switched to real estate, he achieved success by leveraging these connections. Likewise, by going to your main lead source, you’ll have a better chance of following up with them. Find your client niche, stay focused, and double down a million times over. 

Stay consistent

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to what type of prospecting you do. It’s actually less about the number of calls you make or the texts and emails you send but rather how many people you connect with at the end of each day. Make contact with five new people every day—even if they say no. At that pace, you can make your business move forward.

You can’t measure what you don’t track 

You never get destroyed or achieve success in a day. Whether it’s your weight, relationships, or business, the biggest impact comes from doing the wrong or right things compounding over time. And if you don’t understand what those wrong or right things are, you can’t improve, which is critical to being successful in all aspects of life. So if you’re not tracking and measuring your successes and shortcomings, start now. You can’t half @ss it! 

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