Ep. 431: Hosting Lucrative Client Events—Expert Tips and Ideas

Inspirational Ideas for Customer Appreciation Events

Key idea: Client appreciation events are exceptionally effective for creating customer touchpoints, nurturing relationships, triggering reciprocity, and generating leads—but to make them worthwhile you need to know how to maximize their ROI.

If you’ve been thinking about planning a customer appreciation event, then make 2023 the year you finally put your plan into action.

We’ve been impressed with the number of Stay Paid guests who have told us that their events are among the most effective lead-generating strategies they use. When done well, they can be the hidden gems for growing your business—they create numerous customer touchpoints, are wonderful ways to both nurture existing relationships and form new ones, and work to keep you always top of mind.

The effectiveness of these events is grounded in the reciprocity they trigger. We often talk on the podcast about the principle of reciprocity and the undeniable duty humans feel to return a kindness. (You can check out this article to learn more about reciprocity and its nuances.) When clients and their guests enjoy themselves at your event, they naturally want to show their appreciation, and, of course, the best way for them to do that is to send you referrals.

In the section below, you’ll find links to the guest interviews we mention in this episode. You can listen to them describe their events and derive some inspiration from them for your own! We’ve also included a link to one of our popular blogs on the topic of customer appreciation events.

We hope you enjoy this episode and act on the advice Luke offers at the end. We’d also appreciate it if you took a moment to leave us a 5-star review and comment on Apple Podcasts. (We read them on air!) Thanks for listening!

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