Ep. 419: 4 Instagram-Approved Tips to Popularize Your Reels in 2023

Tips for Making Reels That Rock!

Key idea: To popularize your Instagram reels and create a loyal audience, you must post consistently. Regularly sharing content encourages trust for which no number of tips, tricks, or hacks is a substitute.

It seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry is offering reels tips that guarantee your content will go viral. That’s all well and good, but if you’re posting Instagram reels as part of your business’s marketing strategy, then you need credible advice proven to help you appease Instagram’s ever-changing algorithms, enhance the quality and appeal of your reels, and generate a large and loyal audience.

And there is no better source of advice than Instagram itself. Let’s be practical—if the folks at Instagram are telling you what to do to popularize your reels, then you should probably be doing it.

In today’s Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid, we’re sharing four tips from Instagram insiders about actions you can take when producing your reels that will improve their performance:

  1. Create reels that are authentically you.
  2. Ensure your reels are relatable to your audience.
  3. Keep your production and your process simple.
  4. Add text to your reels.

We discuss these tips in detail, providing our own spin along with examples to help illustrate how to implement them. You’ll also get two bonus tips from our own experience that have worked to increase watch time. Put these tips into practice, and you’ll see an improvement in how your reels perform.

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