Ep. 415: The Power of “Just One More”

Will You Quit, or Will You Try Again?

Key idea: Success isn’t a one-time achievement—it’s the accumulation of many incremental gains interspersed with inevitable setbacks. Once you accept this fact, you’ll fundamentally improve your mindset.

If you’re feeling defeated, lost, and ready to give in and give up, then this episode of Stay Paid is for you.

Our guest this week is Steve Guilfoile, the CEO of AffordaCare Insurance, and he shares his thoughts on how to keep moving forward toward a goal even when you’re confronted with failure.

The value in this episode is best found in the details of the conversation. There’s much to gain from the stories, analogies, and emotional commitment you’ll hear from Steve as the interview unfolds. In these show notes, we identify just a few of the many points he makes in what we promise is a highly engaging interview:

  • Money won’t motivate you to keep going when things get tough; you need something more.
  • If you haven’t tried to do something, then you have no reason to say you can’t do it.
  • Failure is simply a part of the game; it’s not anything to stop you from taking action.
  • Reading about how to do something is fine, but there is unique value in learning by doing.
  • When you fill your own cup first, only then will you be able to provide value to others.

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The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success


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