Ep. 410: A Sustainable Social Media Strategy for Agents (with Katie Day)

When It Comes to Success, Consistency Counts

Key idea: Consistency in all things, including content creation, posting to social media, and upholding standards for your team, will better ensure your success than sporadic or unreliable behavior.

In speaking with Katie Day, today’s Stay Paid guest, we were struck by her matter-of-fact approach to running her real estate business. Hers is an understated success story. Essentially, it’s the tale of an entrepreneur who built a profitable business by adhering to fundamentally sound principles on a consistent basis. During her interview, Katie talks about two of these essentials:

  • Posting a variety of content to social media at a sustainable cadence.
  • Holding your team accountable by maintaining clear, consistently implemented standards.

A social media strategy that works

As a real estate agent in Houston, Texas, Katie faces a lot of competition in a market of moderately priced homes. One of the things she does to stand apart is consistently post a variety of educational and entertaining content to her Instagram account.

Back in 2019, Katie committed to going all in on videos. She hired a videographer and put them on retainer, which means whether she uses them or not, she has to pay them every month. While it’s an expensive investment, she readily admits it ensures she remains disciplined and committed to producing content.

When you listen to her interview, you’ll hear Katie describe the types of video content she posts. She has several topical categories into which she buckets each recording. Her categories don’t waver, so her 30,000 followers know what to expect and when. It’s this kind of consistency that creates familiarity, which in turn breeds trust.

Developing “positive stewards of culture”

Retaining agents that they’ve trained to become top producers is a challenge every team leader faces. Once they experience success, agents want to move on for a variety of reasons: they desire a more favorable commission split, they want more and greater opportunities, they may want to start their own teams, or they’re unhappy with the standards of performance to which they are held.

By next year, Katie expects to have 30 agents on her team, and she does a lot of inventive things to provide them with value so that they remain a part of her team. One thing she won’t do, however, is compromise on her standards (some of which she describes during her interview).

What’s interesting is that the members of the team are held accountable not only by Katie but also by each other. It’s a happy outcome likely attributed at least in part to her consistently upholding her standards across the board. Having a team of agents who are, as she describes them, “positive stewards of culture” adds a layer of accountability among their peers that helps ensure they reach a common goal: to be a high-production team.

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