Ep. 406: Revolutionary Real Estate Tech (with Neema Bardi)

Real Estate and Technology

Creating a Better Life for Real Estate Agents

Key idea: Explore the technology available in your industry. Proptech (and its branches, like real estate technology) can increase an agent’s productivity—giving them more time to serve their clients, increase their efficiency, and create a more balanced approach to work and life.

Perhaps because of the coronavirus pandemic, industries of all types, including real estate, have had to adapt to different ways of doing business. Virtual reality real estate, 3D renderings, drone technology, and even the comeback of QR codes have fueled increased attention on making the job of a real estate agent easier and more efficient. As of September 2022, there are 2,278 real estate tech start-up companies in the US, of which 15 made the Fortune 500 list—and there are no signs that interest in prop tech companies will slow.

Case in point is Neema Bardi, the founder and CEO of Atllas, Inc., one of the newer real estate tech companies to offer brokers and agents a better way to do business. Based in California, Atllas’s platform, and in particular its OpenHome feature, has created viral interest among those in the industry, with 2,000 agents from across the country signing up for the tool in only six weeks.

During this week’s episode, Neema talks about his journey from being a child obsessed with real estate (he loved open houses and constructing buildings with Lego bricks) to becoming one of the youngest brokers in California and breaking sales records. The motivation to create Atllas came from a desire to actually keep 100% of his commissions (he hated being nickeled and dimed with fees) and empower other agents to do the same with technology and innovative business models.

When you listen to his interview, you’ll hear Neema talk about the many features and benefits of the Atllas platform, including being able to receive immediate commissions—no waiting for checks—and the ease with which agents can plan and run their open houses.

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