Ep. 373: Lead Generation That Works (with Jen Dillard)

Educate Your Real Estate Clients

It’s the #1 way to establish trusting, long-term client relationships

Who should listen: If you’re thinking about building a team of real estate agents or you have a team you want to take to the next level, then this episode will point you in the right direction.

Key idea: People need to trust you if they are going to work with you, so be the knowledge broker in your community. Create certainty and comfort by educating your clients about what matters to them: the market, mortgage options, etc.

If you ever find yourself driving about an hour east of Portland, Oregon, along Interstate 84, you’ll find the lovely town of Hood River. But don’t blink or you might miss it—in 2022, the town’s population is just a hair over 8,000 residents. It’s a lovely place offering residents a good quality of life, and it’s where Jen Dillard and her team of 14 agents serve those looking to buy or sell their homes.

Thanks to her “I See You Everywhere” campaign, Jen has become the face of real estate in Hood River and the surrounding area. You’ll hear her describe the success of her campaign and how strangers in the grocery store recognize her instantly.

But more than building recognition, Jen purposefully builds trust by ensuring that she and her team educate their real estate clients—and she recommends that other agents do the same.

Homebuyers and sellers are nervous

Buying and selling real estate has always been a complicated process. Why inexperienced people think they can sell their house on their own and not suffer the consequences perplexes those who do it professionally. Be that as it may, there’s no denying that what’s happening in the real estate market is making things even more complicated—and likely producing more anxiety among homebuyers and sellers than usual.

It’s why now, more than ever, successful and trusted real estate agents are the ones who can explain complicated processes; provide facts, facts, and more facts; and counsel their clients about taking a smart course of action.

Be the knowledge broker in your community

You’ve heard us say it before: people will do business with those who they know, like, and trust.

Knowing starts with having your brand appear in as many places and channels as you possibly can. Jen set out to strategically promote her brand so that she was consistently in front of people both inside and outside her sphere and increased her sales volume by $57M in one year.

Being liked is largely (although not exclusively) a matter of being authentic, passionate about what you do, and making clients feel special.

Getting people to trust you is a more elegant process.

It takes time to develop a trusting relationship with someone. You need that time to demonstrate reliability, honesty, good will, and competency. It’s in educating your clients about the market, loan options, contingencies, timelines, trends, and more that you demonstrate competency.

In times when the market seems erratic, you want to be the agent who can make people feel certainty and comfort rather than doubt. That kind of outcome will generate client referrals—especially today.

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