Ep. 371: How to Create a Magnetic Authentic Brand

What Attracts Also Repels

Who should listen: Solopreneurs who need to develop their own leads and want to solve problems they love to solve for the type of clients they love to help.

Key idea: Business isn’t B2C or B2B. Rather, business is H2H—human to human. People do business with people; social media is a community of relationships. Be true to yourself and what you believe, and you will attract like-minded clients who will trust you.

Kristin Shea left a previous position with an independent marketing organization (IMO) to become an author and a full-time business development coach for financial advisors and wealth managers.

In her book, The Truth about Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: How to Create a Magnetic, Authentic Brand That Unlocks Unparalleled Growth for Your Firm, she encourages financial advisors to remember that people do business with people—and to connect, add value, and engage with their clients in a way that is authentic to them.

Kristin’s approach to authenticity and the client experience is a way to leave behind the commoditized approach to serving clients that she believes has permeated the financial services industry. She believes the push toward efficiency at the expense of the customer experience has resulted in a one-size-fits-all mentality that has besmirched the industry’s reputation.

What is magnetic authenticity?

During her interview, Kristin explains that when solopreneurs like financial professionals become laser-focused on what is true to them—their likes and dislikes, values, beliefs, opinions, and all that makes them unique individuals—and share that with others, they quickly attract like-minded clients who trust them far more than anyone else who simply offers a service.

However, in attracting a few, they will also repel a large number of others. And that’s okay; in fact, it’s desirable because:

  1. you don’t want to work with everyone,
  2. you can’t be all things to all people, and
  3. once you scale your business to a certain size, you start to lose the human touch that allows for extraordinary experiences.

Kristin is so committed to the idea of magnetic attraction that she partnered with a colleague to create a company that remains small by design and is committed to producing an amazing customer experience.

The story of Triad Partners

Around 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard, the financial services industry began to replace their traditional seminars with webinars. It made perfect sense to do so in light of the need to continue to attract clients while maintaining everyone’s safety. But Kristin didn’t like what she saw.

It’s not that she didn’t like webinars, per se. What Kristin objected to was what she saw as an eroding customer experience, where increasingly larger and larger webinar production companies over-promised and under-delivered to financial advisors.

The problem is ubiquitous. As smaller companies either merge or are bought by larger companies, they simply cannot offer 10,000 clients the same kind of customer experience, customization, or degree of attention and detail that they can offer to 100 clients. As a result, efficiency becomes paramount—and it’s prioritized over the customer experience.

The result is what she calls a “conveyor belt culture” in which these webinar companies create a small number of templates, tweak a few details like color and logos, and then charge a fee with a 6,000% markup.

The desire to combat this trend is what led to the creation of Triad Partners, “an exclusive network of elite advisors, world-class experts, and best-in-class business development coaches” that is accessible only to a limited number of approved members. Even as Triad Partners continues to meet with success, Kristin confesses that, “There is a level of scale I hope we never reach because at that point the human touch goes away.”

We encourage you to listen to Kristin’s interview and hear the details of her story and vision in her own words. You’ll discover her commitment to connecting, adding value, and engaging with people as the primary purpose of marketing. You’ll come to appreciate the deep sincerity with which she wants to help people live better lives. And you’ll find out the light bulb moment that triggered her commitment to being authentic in her own content.


Connect | Resources

  • The Truth about Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: How to Create a Magnetic, Authentic Brand That Unlocks Unparalleled Growth for Your Firm. There’s been a delay in publication, but you can  get a free download of the first two chapters here.
  • If you are an advisor who brings in $10M a year in new assets and would like to join Kristin’s exclusive community, then apply at TriadPartners.com/apply/SP.
  • Follow Kristin on LinkedIn


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