Ep. 367: The Quickest Path to Grow Your Business (with Jon Randall)

Niching Down to Provide an Exceptional Client Experience

Who should listen: Financial advisors and other service professionals who want to grow their business through referrals.

Key idea: Providing your clients with an exceptional customer experience is what will keep you top of mind for referral opportunities.

Many service professionals, financial advisors among them, who are opposed to asking clients for referrals. They have several reasons for this, including not wanting to appear pushy, a reluctance to make their clients feel uncomfortable, and a distaste for appearing needy or desperate.

We’ve talked about the reluctance to ask for referrals before. Most recently, we spoke on Stay Paid with Brandon Hegg, who provided a three-step process for incorporating the topic of referrals into the normal course of client conversations while eliminating awkwardness. Coincidentally, Jon Randall, this week’s guest, promotes Hegg’s process as one of the easiest and most successful methods he’s ever used.

But for those who still balk at the idea of requesting referrals from clients, Jon has another approach.

Instead of soliciting referrals, Jon’s advice is to provide your current clients with a client experience that makes them feel special. Do that often enough, he says, and your clients will send you unsolicited referrals.

The idea sounds simple because it is, and so is its execution. He offers many examples during his interview of things that impart a lasting good feeling yet cost you nothing but a bit of extra effort.

Even more, while you should strive to treat all of your clients well, you might only need to give a handful of your ideal clients a little extra attention. The additional effort you make to listen, take notice, and act on what you learn is sufficient to elevate a client’s regard and trust in you. From there, it’s natural for a client to start recommending other clients that fit your ideal—even if you don’t ask.

Having spoken about only needing a few good clients to recommend your services, we asked Jon to share his thoughts about selecting a niche. Specifically, we wanted to know what he tells his coaching clients who are nervous about narrowing their focus and potentially missing more opportunities.

We invite you to listen to his interview for his response and what he has to say about the greater advantages of “being a big fish in a small pond.” You’re going to find that his advice makes a lot of sense.

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