Ep. 333: How Jess Lenouvel Used Digital Marketing to Sell $300M

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Who should listen: Agents who want to know how to create a digital marketing strategy capable of providing sufficient leads to maintain a 7-figure income.

Key idea: Real estate is a contact sport. The more you can share with others, the more they’ll trust you and do business with you.

Action item: Determine who you are trying to reach with your marketing, and select a niche. Once you have a target audience, determine what to say that will resonate with their pain points.

Jess Lenouvel, this week’s Stay Paid guest, got her real estate license when she was 21, at a time when Facebook was new and the way you promoted your business was in their classified ads. During the next 14 years, she developed her business by having conversations with people who had questions she could answer and providing value to those who needed help.

And she was exceptionally good at it.

Today, believing that the life of an agent doesn’t have to be a 24-hour grind and that the world had enough burned-out agents, she runs The Listings Lab—a marketing mentorship program she created to help real estate agents discover the life they want to live and how to use their businesses to get it. In the last 2 years, Jess has sold $300 million in volume and has helped more than 1,000 agents develop their own 7-figure incomes.

The key, Jess says, is to remember that the foundation of all marketing is psychology. She instructs the agents in her program on how to use an attraction-marketing system and the reach of digital technology to take their leads through a 9-point psychological journey that moves them from strangers to clients.

During her interview, Jess talks about why:

  • Agents are falling behind in the use of business technology and automation.
  • Agents are doing themselves a disservice by failing to target a niche market.
  • Agents MUST share aspects of their personal lives with their leads and prospects.

Here, we want to take a few minutes to explain attraction marketing.

A definition of attraction marketing

According to the employment website Indeed:

Attraction marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that aims to educate consumers, create personal connections and increase familiarity with products and services without directly encouraging customers to purchase the product. The process works by providing value and awareness without an overt sales pitch.

Attraction marketing works because as Indeed states:

As consumers grow to understand a company’s product or service, their receptivity to it increases and they’re more likely to make a purchase from that company in the future. This marketing style often focuses on a brand’s story rather than the specific products or services they offer.

Jess promotes a targeted digital marketing strategy designed to support organic attraction marketing. Her go-to strategy isn’t to purchase ads. Rather, she coaches agents to use social media and the internet to attract leads by sharing:

  • Authority content: Authority content is information that educates your audience and positions you as an expert in your field. It often includes information that explains or interprets, and it can be shared as blogs or videos.
  • Personal content: People cannot know, like, and trust you if they don’t know anything about you. Personal content offers your audience a chance to know you as a person with a life outside your career. Sharing images, videos, and Reels of you living your life is how people will begin to relate to you.
  • Social proof: Social proof goes beyond Just Solds. Client testimonials, your certifications, influencer endorsements, case studies, news stories, and public relations are all forms of social proof.

Once you’ve “attracted your tribe” and begin to establish relationships with people who want to work with you and with whom you want to work, continue to provide value. Over time, and as they move through the 9-point psychological journey Jess coaches agents to follow, your audience will respect you as an authority, trust you as a person, and feel confident in your ability to help them.

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