Ep. 326: 7 Rules for Managing a Remote Team (Updated for 2022)

Help for Managing Remote Workers and Teams

Who should listen: This episode is for team leaders, supervisors, and managers looking for tips and lessons learned about managing remote workers and teams.

Key idea: Don’t be hesitant to try new things. Only be intentional, get feedback, and adjust when necessary.

Action item: Today, do something unexpected for your employees or business partners.

It’s been nearly two years since many companies and organizations needed to transition to a remote workforce. No doubt, it’s been a challenge for many—employers and employees alike. Some are still trying to adjust, trying to figure out how to keep customers happy, production up, and employees motivated.

This week’s Silver Dollar episode offers 7 rules for managing remote workers and teams that we believe can help. Some we’ve carried over from July 2020 when we first visited this topic. Others have been added from lessons we’ve learned since ReminderMedia, our producer, permanently became a fully remote business.

Here are the 7 rules for managing a remote team:

  1. Overcommunicate across the organization. Be sure that you are controlling the narrative.
  2. Use video as your primary method of communication. Our nonverbal behavior adds a significant degree of meaning to our messages.
  3. Structure employee engagement. Be intentional about how you keep employees engaged.
  4. Document even more processes than before. It’s always important to document the processes and procedures that keep your business running. Now it’s doubly so.
  5. Establish and review KPIs weekly. It’s critical that KPIs are clearly communicated and understood.
  6. Do the unexpected. One of the problems with remote work is that it can be boring and lonely. Find ways to keep it fresh.
  7. Test. Test. Test. When you try something new and unexpected be sure to get feedback, evaluate, and adjust.

During our conversation, we elaborate on each rule, explain its benefits, and provide examples of what we’ve done to implement it.

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