Ep. 325: Use Social Media to Get Leads to Chase You (with JB Bolvadin)

Expert Advice for How Agents Can Improve Their Social Media Content

Who should listen: Real estate agents and other entrepreneurs wanting advice about the best types of content to post on social media.

Key idea: A lack of engagement doesn’t mean people are not seeing your content.

Action item: Call and survey your clients about what they liked about doing business with you. Ask them what value you brought and what problems you solved. Use that information to write multiple variations of copy and pitches until you find what works best.

In addition to being the founder and CEO of TILRE Success Solutions, you could consider JB Bolvadin a bit of a miracle worker.

Because of the persistent uncertainty caused by COVID and the changing rules and regulations about vaccinations, masks, and social distancing, JB was struggling to finalize details for the first-ever Entrepreneur Conference slated for 2021.

At the time, hotels and conference centers were struggling to keep up with safety protocols, making it impossible for JB to settle on a date and venue. And, with no set date or venue, he couldn’t advertise the event.

When all the specifics were finally defined, JB had a mere 4 weeks to fill 1,000 seats. He and his team succeeded, and they did it with social media.

In this week’s Stay Paid episode, JB recalls how he and his team pulled off a near-impossible task and calls upon his experience and expertise to offer some proven advice about how to best use social media to promote your business.

Listen as JB explains:

  • Why real estate is among the worst industries when it comes to effective advertising.
  • What types of content real estate agents should be producing for social media.
  • Which types of content work best on which social media platforms.
  • Whether Likes or Views of your social media posts are better for business.

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