Ep. 286: 4 No-Brainer Tips for How to Earn More Money

How to Make More Money

If you’re in business for yourself with an income that ebbs and flows, then here are 4 easy ways you can reliably earn more money starting today.

Who should listen: Literally every small-business owner—because who doesn’t want to earn more money?

Key idea: You’re in business for yourself, which means you’re in control of your income.

Action item: Pick any one of these 4 income-earning actions, and commit the time, energy, and money it takes to increase your income.

The music of the 1970s pop group ABBA found renewed popularity with the release of the play and then the movie Mamma Mia! In the movie version, Meryl Streep sings of wanting riches in “Money, Money, Money”. Sadly, she thinks she’s only got two options: marry rich or get lucky in Las Vegas or Monaco.

Fortunately, here at Stay Paid, we’ve got far more reliable ways to increase your income, and in this week’s Silver Dollar episode, we’re talking about four of them:

  1. Invest in professional development.
  2. Find quality leads.
  3. Generate referrals.
  4. Set goals.

If you’ve been a listener of Stay Paid, you know we’re always talking about ways you can find quality leads and generate referrals. But what’s a little different this time is that it’s not just us saying it!

Earlier this year, McKissock Learning, a professional education platform, published an article with incredibly exciting statistics about how much more income was made by real estate agents who were experts in taking the four steps above than agents who were failing to take them.

When we totaled the differences across the four actions, the sum was very nearly $250,000!

That’s a stunning amount of money from four activities that every businessperson, not just agents, should be doing anyway.

So why isn’t every entrepreneur and small-business owner a quarter of a million dollars richer? We’ve got some thoughts on that as well as solutions to the problems that stop agents and others from living the life of freedom they deserve.

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