Ep. 280: 4 Productivity Strategies to Help You Get More Done

How to Become More Productive at Home

“How to Be More Productive at Work” Has Taken on New Meaning

Who should listen: Anyone who wants to enhance their productivity at work or at home.

Key idea: Drive your day rather than let your day drive you.

Action item: Implement one of these systems to become more productive.

As Americans adjust to the multitude of changes we’ve experienced in the last two years that quarantines and social distancing have made necessary, a bright spot for many has been the ability to work from home.

More flexibility, no commute, and location independence are just some of the benefits that people now working from home enjoy. And according to a study by Upwork, by 2025, remote work will be the norm for 36.2 million US employees—an astounding 87% increase from prepandemic levels.

With a shift of this magnitude, don’t be surprised if googling for tips about how to become more productive at home outpaces searching for tips about how to become more productive at work.

In today’s episode, we share four approaches to productivity—a couple of which you may not have heard about before.

  • One is inspired by a Japanese appreciation for continuous, incremental change.
  • Another is the brainchild of a minister who had competing priorities that affected a war-torn country.
  • A third is attributed to a five-star general and US president.
  • The final has a distinctly philosophical perspective about getting stuff done.

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