Ep. 266: 8 Videos Every Business Should Be Filming

Video Marketing for REALTORS®

Creating a marketing video for your real estate business can be easy. These are the 8 types you’ll want to film.

Who should listen: Real estate agents and other entrepreneurs who want to add videos to their marketing toolbox, but aren’t sure what types of videos they need and how to maximize their effectiveness.

Key idea: The easiest way to create videos for your business is to document what you do during the course of your day rather than script a movie with a beginning, middle, and end. Most videos don’t need that level of formality to satisfy your goal (or your audience).

Action item: Begin your video marketing by filming client or customer testimonials.

Video real estate marketing isn’t just about filming walk-throughs. You can use videos to encourage people to know, like, and trust you; promote your brand; add value to your clients’ experience; and more.

While this Silver Dollar episode isn’t “video marketing for beginners”—we don’t talk about proper lighting and sound checks—it is for real estate agents who are curious about the types of videos they can add to their marketing toolbox and may be looking for a few tips to get them started.

The 8 types of videos we recommend you create are:

  1. Testimonials
  2. Vlogs
  3. FAQs
  4. Webinars
  5. Agent profiles
  6. Business/team profiles
  7. Product videos
  8. Branding videos


Videos that feature client testimonials

When you toot your own horn, all you do is make some self-serving noise. However, when others toot your horn, that’s music everyone can appreciate.

Client testimonials are like referrals once removed or consumer opinions that you find online. They can work as powerful endorsements of your service. According to the Harvard Business Review:

There is no better source of leads and revenue than referrals that come from a company’s clients. New clients that come from referrals advance through the sales process faster, have more forgiving negotiations and healthier margins, and tend towards greater loyalty. Why? Because they are already qualified[,] and you begin with the credibility of a trusted peer.

Tip: Record client testimonials using your mobile device, and splice a bunch of them together so that they run in quick succession. You can find many online options for video editors, and some of them are free to use.


A vlog is a blog that you record rather than write, but, like a blog, you should be recording regularly and posting them consistently.

But I don’t write blogs because they’re so time-consuming. Won’t a vlog be the same?

It’s true that blogging can take more time than you would ideally like, but vlogging can be much easier if you document your day rather than create something with a distinct beginning, middle, and end.

In this episode, we give you examples of the types of activities that can be the subjects of your vlogs and opportunities for filming them. For example, when planning for an open house, you can record yourself during the preparation while explaining what you are doing and why.

Tip: Vlog about your journey toward a goal. It could be something related to your business (your progress toward selling a set number of properties), or something related to your life away from work (you could keep your audience apprised of your training for your first marathon).

Videos that answer your FAQs

This type of video can provide tremendous educational value to your target market, and they’re easy to create because you can use your mobile device and relax into being yourself.

The benefit of recording an FAQ video is the degree to which it enhances perceptions of your expertise. Pick any aspect of your business that tends to provoke a lot of questions, then record yourself providing the answers. It’s that simple.

Tip: Remember that, while you’re an expert, your audience isn’t. Avoid using jargon and acronyms your audience may not be familiar with.


Webinars are like videos with slides, and we do a lot of them at ReminderMedia.

You can use webinars to educate an audience and to promote a product or service. Webinars require more planning, since you need to create your slides and promote your webinars to your audience, and you need a stationary recording device. But the effort can be very rewarding because you can collect leads by requesting email addresses when people register to attend.

Webinars also provide an opportunity to cohost with another presenter. You can invite a guest, pair up with a team member, or partner with an industry-related business to provide additional value.

Tip: Make sure you appear on camera. You should be the star, not your slides.

Real estate agent promo video

This is the “get to know me” type of video that will encourage your prospective clients to know, like, and trust you.

As we mention in the episode, people want to know who they are working with. That can be especially true when they are entrusting you—their agent—with helping them make what is likely to be the biggest purchase of their lives.

Your video doesn’t need to be long. Two minutes is plenty of time to introduce yourself as the professional who can help your clients find their perfect home.

Tip: Humanize yourself by sharing your story. Talk about how you got into real estate and why you continue to work as an agent.

Real estate promotional videos

If the real estate agent promo video is the agent’s “get to know me” profile video, then the real estate promotional video is the “get to know us” profile of your team and business.

When creating this type of video, you’ll want to make sure you convey the type of culture you have and that the end product appeals to the type of clients you want to attract. For these reasons, you might consider hiring a video production company that can produce a highly polished video that will communicate the right message. On the other hand, a more authentic look may be just what you’re looking for, so pick up your mobile device and start filming a day at the office!

Tip: In addition to the uses suggested in the episode, you might also want to consider including this video (and your agent promo video) on your website and your social media business pages.

Product videos for marketing

If you’re a real estate agent, then your product is your service—but it’s also the property you are trying to sell. For that reason, agents should consider hiring a marketing videographer who specializes in filming real estate when making product videos for marketing. A professional videographer will know what lighting works best, how to emphasize certain features of the home, and make the property look exceptionally appealing to prospective buyers.

Tip: Think about including nighttime views of a property in your video, especially if the property is well lit. It’ll provide your prospects with another view (and more information) that other agents may not think to offer.

Branding videos

Your branding videos are the public’s window into your business, so you want to make sure they provide the best views of you and your services. Of the videos we’ve recommended, this one is where you will spend your money. Done well, branding videos will establish your credibility, portray you as the professional you are, reveal your personality, and make your prospects feel certain that you are the one to hire.

Check out these examples of branding videos from previous Stay Paid guests:


Start to get comfortable with the idea of creating marketing videos. You’ve got several options you can choose from, and, once you’ve made your first, you’ll find out how easy it can be. Post them to your website and social media platforms, and you will see your engagement go up.

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