Ep. 177: Top Producer Builds Her Network Through Philanthropy

How to Get Clients and Build Your Network Through Philanthropy

If you’re an entrepreneur, then one of your constant concerns is how to get clients. At ReminderMedia, we believe the best way to get clients is to build and nurture relationships with them outside the business arena. And a great way to do that is to is to build your network through philanthropy and other charitable activities.

For financial professionals in particular, involvement with philanthropic organizations inevitably puts you in contact with high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). This tier of investors routinely requires the advice of skilled wealth management professionals and this is the exact group of people can help you build your network. Being able to engage with HNWIs outside of the office is an opportunity for you to get to know one another, form relationships, and develop trust—all the prerequisites to earning referrals and forming successful business relationships.

While philanthropy is typically associated with HNWIs and generous corporations with deep pockets, becoming involved in a charitable organization is something even the newest entrepreneur can do to build their network and give back to their communities. Every opportunity to engage with someone is another opportunity to get to know another person, form a relationship, and develop a level of trust that could result in a referral or new client.

Build your network with sincerity

Certainly one of the benefits of corporate philanthropy is the chance to meet people with the potential to significantly impact your career. But supporting that potential is the belief that you share their concern for the cause they support.

The same is true for anyone who gives of themselves to help others. They expect that those with whom they engage while participating in a charitable organization are there because they share a willingness to help.

For this reason, make sure you sincerely share the commitment of whatever organization or group you decide to join. It’s the common interest you have with others in the group that serves as the foundation for any relationships you might develop. If your primary motivation is to build your network or get more clients, then you’ve violated their trust and the chance of you achieving either goal is likely lost forever.

If you start from a place of authenticity, then your network will grow organically and new clients will find you.

Accept opportunities to help

Being an active member of an organization whose mission is to give back is a win-win for everyone involved. But there are additional ways you can help others that will offer opportunities to get more clients and build your network.

Jean Fidone is a highly successful financial professional and vice president at Anchor Capital Advisors, LLC. In 2019, she was named Anchor’s top national producer. Jean attributes much of her success at work to building her network of professional and personal relationships while acting as a corporate philanthropist. But it’s her genuine mindset to help where and when needed that drives her charitable nature.

Advice she once received from Benjamin Edwards (of A. G. Edwards fame) remains her compass: If you keep your head down, work hard, and take care of your clients, the rest will take care of itself. For Jean, taking care of her clients means accepting every opportunity she can to be of service. Whether it’s a fund raiser that needs someone to fill a seat, a call from a client who needs help right now, or replacing a class instructor who bowed out at the last minute, Jean rarely let’s an opportunity to help pass her by.

During her chat with Luke and Josh in this week’s episode, Jean shares the many rewards she’s experienced from engaging and assisting others. Each opportunity to lend a hand was a chance to form a relationship that she then nurtured over the years. Sometimes they led to new business. Other times they led to long-term friendships. Every time was an honest attempt to help someone else.

Listen, enjoy, and be inspired to take action.

Key Points

  • Strong business relationships are best built outside of business.
  • The key to building client relationships is to engage with people so they have opportunities to get to know and trust
  • Because you never know who you might meet, you can find business opportunities and occasions to build your network

Action Item

  • Examine your business and your passions and then join a group that shares your interests and believes in giving back.
  • If you already belong to a group, then look for opportunities to get more involved.


You can connect with Jean at JFidone@anchorcapital.com.

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