Ep. 174: How Instagram can grow your business

How to Generate Leads on Instagram and Grow Your Business

Luke and Josh have nine (count ‘em, NINE!) helpful tips in this week’s Silver Dollar episode for how to generate leads on Instagram. That means not only how to get real Instagram followers, but also how to keep them and eventually turn them into clients and raving fans.

The thing to know about growing a business on Instagram is that it takes time. It’s a long-term game. You win by consistently providing value and by engaging with your audience. (If you’re a fan of Stay Paid, you saw that one coming.) Here’s why:

The more time you spend posting and engaging on Instagram, or any social media platform for that matter, the more familiar you become to your audience. Familiarity breeds credibility. In turn, credibility lends itself to trust.

It’s that easy and that hard.

But don’t worry—the podcast pals have got your back with nine tips you can begin to implement today to generate leads on Instagram and grow your business.

The first four tips are meant to help you get followers.

Tip #1: Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page using the Facebook business manager tool.

When you run an ad on your Facebook business page, it will also run on your Instagram page. That’s twice the bang for your buck.

Tip #2: Boost your content to expand your reach.

This helps to support the “familiarity leads to trust” relationship.

Tip #3: Exchange your Instagram handle with new people you meet.

Let your Instagram account function as your business card. Ask the other person for their handle as well and connect before you leave the conversation.

Tip #4: Message people.

Reach out and send someone a direct message. Resist the urge to ask for something. Just say or do something nice a few times before you ask for what you’d like from them.

The next five tips are intended to help you hang on to your followers and grow.

Tip #5: Find and use the top hashtags in your industry.

Using hashtags will help ensure your content appears in front of those following or searching the hashtags. During the podcast, Josh shares the top hashtags for a few categories in real estate that you can add to your real estate Instagram posts. Here’s a sneak peek:

For general real estate, the top hashtags are:

  •  #realestate
  •  #realty
  •  #forsale
  •  #newhome
  •  #broker

Tip #6: Spend time engaging with people.

Take the time to engage with the people who comment and follow your posts. You can also engage with people on topics that interest you.

Tip #7: Use imagery.

Instagram was made for images, so use them! If you don’t have your own, borrow some gorgeous photos from someone else (just be sure to give credit). Images draw more immediate attention to your content.

Tip #8: Do like GaryVee does and “spend” $1.80.

Listen to the podcast for more detail but make it a habit to add your two cents to 90 posts per day.

Tip #9: Track and study your analytics and adjust accordingly.

With a business profile you can check “Insights” for posts to discover what’s working and what isn’t. Josh explains what analytics you can find and how you might use them.

Have you been using any of these tips? How have they worked out for you? Let us know! Be sure to comment and share what you’re doing to generate leads on Instagram and grow your business.

Key Points

  • Boosting quality content helps to build your brand. The more you are seen, the more familiar you become. As you become more familiar, you build your credibility and enjoy more trust.
  • Understand that building a following on Instagram or any social media platform requires time. It’s a long-term game.
  • The size of your following is a result of the continuous provision of quality content and the engagement you have with your audience.

Action Item

Get on Instagram and start engaging. Begin to follow all your clients and have them follow you.


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