Ep. 161: Juan Barreneche: A Top Agent Talks Instagram and Selling $50M in Real Estate

Juan Barreneche is a master when it comes to using Instagram to build relationships.

In this episode, Juan shares the strategy he uses to ensure that when an out-of-state broker is looking to make a referral in his state of New York, he’s the one they think of.

Juan tells Luke and Josh about his sales funnel strategy, how he commits to following up with everyone who comments on his posts or messages him, and why his website doesn’t include listings.

Key Points

  • Connect with others and have your only intention be to provide value. Do that often enough and you develop relationships. Referrals will naturally follow.
  • To build a following on social media is a long-term undertaking. Go all in, but your return may be 2–3 years down the road.
  • Automate what you can, and you’ll save yourself hours of time every day.
  • Retarget your audience multiple times and they’ll begin to recognize your commitment and consider you sufficiently credible to engage with.

Action Item

Start messaging real estate brokers in every single state and build a network, then do the same with business owners in your community.


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