Ep. 158: 3 Practices to Continue Post-Quarantine

Quarantine and all other things associated with COVID-19 have thrown businesses into a strange and difficult time, and everyone is waiting for things to get back to normal …

But not Luke and Josh!

Businesses have done some amazing things to adapt and, in this episode, Luke and Josh identify three of these new practices that they believe should become part of your “new normal.”

Key Points

  • Social media is no longer just about generating leads; it’s a branding game.
  • Real relationships are about knowing things about the other person beyond what you simply need for your business.
  • Learn from history and develop a contingency plan for the next big thing that might happen.
  • To survive, businesses have evaluated, adapted, and raised the bar to become leaner and meaner. Don’t slide back.

Action Item

Continue to reach out to your clients in ways that reflect the framework of care, educate, close.


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