Ep. 156: 3 Principles for Becoming a Cold Calling Master

Can you truthfully say you enjoy cold calling?

Not many sales professionals do. In fact, on average, most only follow up 1.2 times.

But it remains a critical component of a complete marketing strategy primarily because it works.

In this Silver Dollar episode, Luke and Josh discuss three principles that can turn your cold calls into rewarding conversations.

Key Points

  • Cold calling can move people from curiosity, through annoyance, and into respect.
  • Genuine excitement from call to call will help you win the numbers game.
  • There’s no substitute for knowing your script, your prospect, and your clients’ industry.
  • Go into every situation with the mental commitment that you are going to get the sale because only then will you get past the false objections to what’s real.

Action Item

Apply the “One Call Mentality” to your next call or presentation. Only when you do that will you get to the real objections and be able to serve your client in the way they want.

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